Life is not very easy going on around me. I don’t know what other people think about me, and I don’t care either. I just have the ambition of seeing the company I am running a growing, but I feel that the company is running me.

I am having constant worry and panic with a lot of things including financial stability, ability to respond to market demand, and the personal family relationship. When people say that it is easy for you to work for your own company than for the others; trust me they are wrong. You have to remember that the more you wanna get from the world, the more you have to sacrifice. When ask how much I have sacrificed or how much more I plan to give up in order to get what I want, I really don’t know the answer at the moment.

To me, I believe that when people put enough into what they are doing or planning to achieve, they will get it sooner or later.

This is my first post in 2022, but that is not the end. I am trying to journal every day to at least remind myself of what I have been doing today and what else I could be doing tomorrow.

My time on earth is limited, so I hope I can contribute to the world better than what I took since I was born.