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Nokia X2-01 launching in Cambodia


It’s Tuesday afternoon that we don’t have class and want to relax after a big quiz at school in the morning, so luckily I was invited to join a party at the Cambodian Country Club (CCC), about 15 minutes away from Phnom Penh.

At 5pm, I arrived the place looking around to see a lot of journalists except me and my other 4 friends who are all bloggers that only use their hands and keyboards to spread out information to the world.

That is the third time I have joined party organized by Nokia company for its new product launching and it is as good as always since each party were made in different places. I felt warmly welcome by everybody especially a music band which play very wonderful songs in both English and Khmer.

The entire event is made to welcome an arrival of Nokia X2-01, a phone that makes mobile messaging simpler, easier and more affordable. It will be available in Cambodian phone shop from tomorrow on and its price is $99.

A presentation by Mr. Mohammed (Md.) Mesbahuddin, Business Development Manager for Nokia Cambodia and Laos, started around 6pm when everybody arrived. I was really impressed with lots of features including 1-click access to email and chat via Nokia Messaging, 1-click access to social networking directly from homescreen, and 1-click access to music provided by this new mobile device.

A happy game to win Nokia X2-01 came after the presentation and followed by a nice buffet dinner. The program went on and on until 3 different kinds of Nokia cellphones were given to one winner in the game and two lucky people from lucky draw. You know what? Two bloggers among the five who join this afternoon party win 1 cellphone each. (Don’t be confused! I didn’t win!)

Music band was still playing, but for me, it was end at 8pm when it’s time I had to leave that place to prepared myself for tomorrow mid-term exam.

by: Dara Saoyuth

Fund Raising for Poor Children in Takeo

Institute of Foreign Language (IFL) situated in the Royal University Of Phnom Penh campus. IFL organized a charity program today. This fund-raising ceremony started at 8 O’clock in the morning and end at 3 O’clock in the afternoon. The main purpose of this program is to get money for impoverished children in Takeo province.

There are a lot of fun activities and various ways to get money from participants. I can see lots of sellers which mostly are IFL students selling different types of goods counting from eatable things to readable staffs. I also bought a story book as I want to be part of the program.

There are some photos my friends and I took this morning. Let’s see it together! Cheers,[slideshow]

By: Dara Saoyuth

Opening ceremony of a three-day seminar on TVET

I’ve Just returned from joining the opening ceremony of a three-day seminar and exhibition on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Cambodia.

Currently, I have not much to writ because I arrived when the opening ceremony end. Luckily, I met some journalists whose faces are familiar to me because of several meetings earlier. Talking and sharing to each other is what journalist as me like, so at least I got some information about the event.

I decided not to write much until a later post, so now please enjoy some photos including one short video clip of some electronic and technical instruments created by students from different Universities, vocational training centers and organizations. All the instruments, which most of them look strange and awesome to me, are showing for the whole three-day seminar. Enjoy!!!

[slideshow] [youtube=]

By: Dara Saoyuth

Closing ceremony of the 1st annual CIFF

I had spent around two hours joining the closing ceremony of the 1st Cambodia International Film Festival (CIFF) at Chaktomuk Theatre and I was lucky to bring my own camera with me tonight to shoot some photos for my blog visitors. SO don’t forget to scroll your mouse pointer down to see those photos including one short video clip.

At the spot, there was a presence of  HE Him Chhey Em, Minister of Culture and Fine Arts, government officials, famous film directors, actors, celebrities, and hundreds of Cambodian and foreign audiences.

After the end of closing ceremony, there was also a concert outside the hall by The Cambodian Space Project (below, you can watch a short video clip I took tonight).

This year is marked the 1st annual Cambodia International Film Festival, which was opened Wednesday, 20 October, at Chaktomuk Theatre and had been closed just a few hours ago.

During the festival, more than 100 international and Khmer productions were screened at six venues throughout Phnom Penh, such as Lux Cinema, Chenla Theatre, Bophana Center and Le Cinema at Centre Culturel Français (CCF); public outdoor screenings are at Golden Sorya Market and Diamond Island.

[slideshow] [youtube=]

by: Dara Saoyuth
Reference: CIFF leaflet

KON Magazine Launching

KON Magazine cover

KON Magazine cover

KON (in Khmer: The Cinema of Cambodia) Magazine was made by Department of Media and Communication‘s student batch 8 with initiation from Dr. Tilman Baumgärtel. The magazine is the final project of sophomore students in 2010. It has 28 pages consisting a wide range of news about cinema of Cambodia.

Students talked to films producers, actors, and people both in the golden age as well as today.

Now this magazine is completely done and published for the public who are interested to know about the history and situation of cinema in Cambodia.

We will launch our magazine at Meta House on the October 15, 2010. At that day, we will screen 9 video clip made in the past to audience. There will be filmmakers and actors in the past joining the event.

The admission is free, so don’t forget to join us to get a free KON Magazine.

Below is the information of people and institution that are in charge with the project:

Department of Media and Communication (DMC)
Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP)
Tel : (855) 23 884 408
Fax: (855) 23 884 408

Dr. Tilman Baumgärtel
Design Supervisor:
Christine Schmutzler
Magazine Designers:
Dara Saoyuth, Hong Channpheaktra, Lang Mesa, Vorn Makara
Writers and Editors:
Khut Sornnimul, Kim Samath, Koam Tivea, Mak Kuleka
Noy Kimhong,Sun Narin,Suy Heimkhemra
Photo Editors:
Nou Uddom, Tang Khyhay, Veng Rachana
Lay Rattana, Ly Youy, Ngo Menghourng, Sok Leng, Sun Mesa, Tet Chan
Cover Illustration:
Lim Keav
Printed with the kindly support of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stifung, Phnom Penh
Printed by VS Vann Sophea Printing House, Phnom Penh, 2010