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New look for my study table

My study table

My study table / by: Dara Saoyuth

I was sweating buckets after taking almost 2 hours cleaning and reorganizing materials on my table. I realized that I didn’t have any feeling to read books or use my computer on my untidy table, so I took action this afternoon after leaving class. Now, I feel so fresh and I am typing from my computer which I put on my well-organized table.:D

My dad always says to me that things will spread over my table again a few weeks after I organize it. Until now, I have to agree that what he said is true, but I don’t know why it is still like that…

This is some recommendations to all of you. “Please make your learning environment becomes more friendly to you so that you’ll make progress in studying.” “When you misplace a small thing on your table, sooner or later, your table will become messy with the other things.”

Notice: I myself is struggling to keep up doing the above recommendations.

By: Dara Saoyuth