Attending KhmerTalks event

Chak Sopheap

Chak Sopheap present her life experiences to the audience / by: Dara Saoyuth

Now I am at Zaman University joining KhmerTalks, a sharing conference aimed to unite emerging entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals to share and work collaboratively to shape dreams into action.

Under the theme “Sharing Success Together”, KhmerTalks has brought 10 speakers and two performing artists to share their achievements, experiences, and to light up the entire conference hall with 250 attendees from various backgrounds.

KhmerTalks is an event follow the same styles as TEDxPhnomPenh, which was hosted in Phnom Penh in January this year.

The event is organized by the Khmer Young Entrepreneurs (KYE), a growing nationwide group of young emerging Cambodian social and business leaders who believe in personal empowerment, sharing, and working cooperatively.

All in all, I would say that both events are great and significant in term of opportunities that Cambodian successful can get to share with local and international audiences.


By: Dara Saoyuth
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