Study Tour to Mondulkiri

I joined a 3-day trip last week to the northeast part of Cambodia to visit Mondulkiri province. Around  90 students, teachers, and DMC staffs also participated in this study tour. They took with them plenty of digital cameras, video cameras, sound recorders and some other equipment for finishing their project along the way so as a result I have to drop some of my unused files reserving for thousands of photos as well as other media files.

Have you ever been there? If not, I’d like to bring you along with some of my selected photos from my personal cameras. Cheers,

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Dara Saoyuth
Trip to Mondulkiri: Fri-Sun/10-12/2010
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    • Really? Thanks for that. You can even make it better than me if you use your shooting skill, creativity, combine with your super camera. believe me!